Tuesday, 17 April 2018

St. Jordi's GoFor Book Fair

   On 23rd April, on International Day Book and the daw we celebrate St. Jordi in Catalonia, we'll also hold our Gofor Project Book Fair to promote reading habits among our students.

   In order to get so, our students have been working hard preparing some panels to share with the rest of the students book  they found attractive to read. Moreover, they also suggest other readings that can be interesting for teenagers. Books can be in English, Catalan, Spanish or French. Other students are in charge of showing some motivational quotes regarding reading on a wall, quotes they did themselves. And our youngest students will show the comic book they did themselves about Franskenstein.

   On that day, we'll get some students to recite their literary creations for our Marina literary contest; poems and novels as well as inviting Mireia Vancells, a well-known writer in our town who will come to do a workshop with students on how to write to make people's lifes happier and get some money whenever possible.

We're working hard to celebrate this important day in our scholar community. Our major and parents are welcome!

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