Saturday, 2 November 2019

European Quality Label

   Our project "Go For Literacy to Enlighten your Future" has been awarded the European Quality Label. Thanks to all participants, families, teachers, school staff and European partners and students for your effort, support and participation. I

   It's been an awesome experience as a coordinator in this adventure that started two years ago and it ends up now. GRÀCIES, GRACIAS, THANKS!

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Jornades Sol.licitants Erasmus Ka2

We have been invited by the Catalan Education Department to join the Erasmus Ka2 seminar for future applicants of projects in order to introduce and explain our Erasmus experience under the Ka2 project “Go For Literacy to Enlighten your Future”( 2017-2019) as a succesful practice. We were extremely grateful to show all we’ve been producing, analysing, sharing and assessing inside our project.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Erasmus Day 2019 at our high school

   We have been holding two different Erasmus Day, one on the 6th June 2018 and another one on 5th June 2019 to show other students, parents, school teachers, authorities and members of La Llagosta community our progress on our Erasmus + project "Go For". 

   Programmes included our project's students explaining and showing their project actions and mobilities, as well as, a kahoot for everyone, and even a contest with awesome project memories for everyone! In this edition, students were given their Europass certificate of mobility that certifies their project objectives and mobility details.

Jornades Erasmus at INS Celeri Bellera

   Catalan Education Department invited us to join the latest Jornades Erasmus to disseminate our project results and show other Catalan school teachers our enthusiasm while working under our Erasmus and Etwinning project Go For Literacy to Enlighten your Future.
 Attendees were given pencils and pens of the project, our evaluation actions and selection of students actions were shown as well as other project issues such as dissemination, project's fair, results, our twinspace and etwinning project; reading circles and storytelling.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Disseminating our project at primary schools

   Our project students have happily come back to their primary schools to explain to primary students and teachers our project Go For Literacy to Enlighten your Future that this scholar year ends.

   By means of visual presentations, students have been shown the tasks done in class as well as some videos to explain their experiences in other foreign countries, such as Estonia and France. In fact,  our students have expressed how wonderful this experience has been by means of a wordcloud.

   Moreover, mentors have been given a sample of our students' stories written during the 2nd year Etwinning project as well as a copy of the manuals done by Erasmus teachers that compile the most useful activities to put into practice in class for students to improve their linguistic competences. It has also been a chance to disseminate our latest Erasmus event, our Erasmus day that we held last 5th June 2019.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Last project mobility in Hatay


   We travelled to Antioch to spend some meeting days with our Turkish friends. From the 29th April to 3rd May 2019, we met to discuss and share project conclusions. We also met to check if we had got project objectives and implement final assessment actions.

   During three intense days, we visited many different places to get to know Hatay's culture, history and values. We enjoyed a lot the huge Hatay Archeology museum, St. Pierre Cave church and Titus tunnel.

   It was a great chance for all of us to conclude this awesome partnership which has been working really hard to implement all required project actions and products in an ongoing way as well as sharing and dicussing everything needed in order to enrich our professional experiences, both for teachers and students.

Go for the future!

Sunday, 28 April 2019


   From the 25th to 29th March 2019 we travelled to Parnü to visit again our Estonian friends from Paikuse Pohikool, this time to participate in the last students' exchanges from our project. During a week, students stayed in their hosts' homes where they got to know the Estonian culture deeper.

   During school days, the Estonian coordinator prepared a wonderful programme of workshops and outer activities that we really enjoyed and we will never forget. Among others, we visited Parnü municipality and Kihnu island for a day. We also visited Estonian capital city, Tallinn.

   Regarding school work, our students were encouraged to work in mixed-nationality groups to create their own stories for some days. They took part in different workshops to get to know each other, find the keywords of their stories following the kinesthetic learning, and start working in their stories plan.

   In order to create a certain mystery and interest to read their stories, they also recorded a short story trailer at school and its surroundings. What a great week!

Monday, 18 March 2019

GoFor Flip!

Our project students become teachers for a day to show and teach other students their basic expressions in their mother tongue. Here you've got them, enjoy!

Friday, 15 March 2019

Our GoFor story has been written

As an Etwinning second-year project, our students were asked to work on a common story to be developed. This process was made taking a mail chain as our communication channel. Therefore, each partner was assigned with a different section to be written in class:

  • Estonian partners developed the context
  • French partners worked on characters
  • Turkish partners started the story
  • German parterns developed the plot
  • Spanish partners were in charge of concluding the story
After a hard work, this GoFor story has been written.
Thanks all for your collaboration and hard work!

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Dissemination actions at school

   During the two years project, we're sometimes showing our teachers, students and their parents, the different action we're implementing at our classes. For example, just have a look at the way we're showing how our students develop their storytelling in English by means of participating in a task itinerary in English lessons.

   Moreover, our students' creativity has been potentially increased letting them to decorate the teachers' offices with some representative well known names from the different subjects. Here you can see how Virginia Woolf and Victor Hugo are our new mates in the foreign language department!