Sunday, 1 July 2018

Module: The Guide of Teaching Abilities: Listening & Speaking skills

   We've been working hard this first year of Gofor project and as a result of our sharing of good practices and continuous debate and assessment; our French partner was the responsible for coordinating the second module which deals with listening and speaking skills.

Module : The Guide of Teaching Abilities: Reading Skills

We've been working hard this first year of Gofor project and as a result of our sharing of good practices and continuous debate and assessment; our German partner was the responsible for coordinating the first module which deals with reading strategies.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Erasmus Day 2018

    On 6th June we celebrated our Erasmus day at Institut Marina where authorities from townhall, students, teachers and parents were welcomed. We organised different project intineraries where our project students explained and showed pictures and video from the different mobilities, school activities and other actions implemented in the 3 different Erasmus + projects that we have; Smile, LTSDU and Gofor.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Follow-up work

   It's nice to see how partners get so much involved in our project. Meeting on Skype helps us to make progress in our project aims, get better results and a bigger impact on the actions we implement.
   Thanks a lot dear partners!

C2 Gofor Mobility France

   During one week, from the 28th May to 3rd June, we spent some days together in the first pupils' Gofor mobility in Collège Saint Anné ( Bordeaux).
   We met in order to develop our teachers’ oral skills manual to improve our teaching practice. Our students took part in different activities and workshops to improve their listening and speaking in both English and French languages. For example, they developed a story, created dialogues, perfomed a play, and even interviewed other school members, among others tasks.
   Moreover, the French Gofor project fair took place during one day in the mobility. We met at school to do a book crossing, as well as sharing with others our love for reading. Students also watched a traditional shadow play puppets show made by pur Turkish partners calld Karagöz.
   Regarding culture, we had the chance to participate in a photo rally activity in Bordeaux city centre as well as visiting le Dune de Pilat as the biggest dune in Europe, it was such a fun!
   Here you can check the project pictures as well as all of our students productions on our youtube channel.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Getting ready to our Erasmus Day 2018

   As a dissemination action, our Erasmus students, teachers and members of the management team are involved in the organisation of our Erasmus day which will take place 6th June 2018. We'll show La Llagosta inhabitants the way we've been working, the outcomes from the two projects that are about to finish as well as the actual actions implemented in our Erasmus + project GoFor during its first year. Parents, students, families, teachers and authorities will stroll following an itinerary where our Erasmus students will explain their experiences during mobilities, the project outcomes, connections to Skype with other countries' partners as well as a permanent Erasmus corner where they can get a photocall picture as a memory of the event.

New Decorations

   After holding our project fair at INS Marina, we decided to keep our students’ panels on display in our school’s hall to everybody can really see how our students deal with literature and language.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


   Today 9th May we're celebrating #eTwinningDay 2018 by means of creating a QR Codes gymkhana in the class so they could get to know great works that belong to our national cultural heritage and celebrate in this way the 2018 European Year Cultural Heritage.


Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Horror Show Play

   Today all of our 1st ESO students have attended a play in English to deal with Gothic novels and great figures such as Mary Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Bram Stoker. In this way, we help our students to improve their listening skills while getting to know other novels and key authors who belong to the English literary tradition.

Monday, 30 April 2018

International Book Day, St.Jordi’s Day, GoFor Book Fair, Books and Roses¡

   On 23rd April we celebrate St.Jordi’s day in Catalonia, where books are roses are the protagonists. It’s a special day at school, and as it is also the International Book Day, we agreed on setting our GoFor Project Book Fair for this day. Among others, our students have been working hard for the last weeks to show their outcomes in the fair.

  •    1r ESO students (12 years) did a whole class final novel project, an awesome Frankenstein’s Comic Book as a post-reading task. They’ve been working in groups, they took decisions on what to include and exclude, they took the pictures themselves, and they edited them online using Lunapic website. Since we’ve dealt with Frankenstein to celebrate the monster’s 200th birthday, we wanted everybody at school to know about this great masterpiece by Mary Shelley. By means of creating a comic book out of the novel, everybody at school had the chance to read the story.
  •    2nd ESO students (13 years) were in charge of motivating through motivational quotes, to foster reading.
  •    4t ESO students (15 years) were also encouraged to take part in the Marina Novel Listing Project. They created informative panels where one book they liked was recommended to the rest of the students. Their panels included: name of the book and title, slogan, relevant quotes from the book, a summary, a recommendation, product details and other similar books.
  •    4tESO and non-compulsory students also had the chance to attend a workshop where the writer Mireia Vancells explained to them how we can write to make people happy and get some money¡ Students could get to know firsthand the literary profession and they could put into practice their knowledge of the language to write creatively.

  We also held a literary contest so all students could take part by means of writing a poem or a short story in any of the languages we speak; French, Catalan, Spanish or English. A commission formed by teachers decided the awarded poems and short stories and students were given their award during St.Jordi’s ceremony. 
   Moreover, we also wanted to promote creativity by means of organising an Instagram contest where participants (students, teachers, parents) could upload their best romantic picture with the hashtag #frankensteinlove18. They were also awarded during the ceremony; one category for 12-14 years students, another one for 15-16 years old students, one for non-compulsory education students and lastly, one more for teachers and parents.
   Last but not least, the project team students who designed an awarded logo for our project were given a certificate.
   Our major, Mr Sierra, as well as the Culture Councillor from La Llagosta townhall, attended our school on this great day. Neither do teachers, students and parents!