Monday, 25 September 2017

Tasks to be done in October

   As a first step, we need to analyse what is our starting point regarding our students' reading, listening, speaking and writing skills; as well as other skills related to autonomy, decision making, critical thinking or problem solving. To do this, we'd like our 4t ESO students to do these surveys. Check them out!

GFLEF Infographic

   Here you are our project infographic which contains basic information related to participant schools, timeline of activities and mobilities, project objectives, expected impact and results and evaluation processes. Moreover you can click on "Useful links" which directs you to our wiki, INS Marina website and our blog. Stay tuned!

Monday, 18 September 2017

International Literacy Day in a Digital World 8th Sept 2017

   As every 8th September, this year we've celebrated the International Literacy day. Our 4t ESO students have done this task in class as an initial evaluation.

"Go for Literacy to Enlighten your future" has been approved!

   We're happy to announce the project Eramus + "Go for Literacy to Enlighten your Future" has been approved at INS Marina. It'll be implemented in 4t ESO courses during two years 2017-2019.
   As as introduction, we hold a teaching staff meeting where we introduced the main objectives, products and impact of the project. This was the presentation: