Monday, 18 September 2017

International Literacy Day in a Digital World 8th Sept 2017

   As every 8th September, this year we've celebrated the International Literacy day. Our 4t ESO students have done this task in class as an initial evaluation.

        What is your favourite book/cartoon? 

1. Use CANVA APP to design the cover of your favourite book or story. Please include:

  • A clear title and author name
  • A graphic design that reflects the books themes

2. Introduce it orally to the rest of the class including:
  • A summary of the plot (without giving away the end)
  • A review (opinion) about the book. Why did you choose this book?
By means of implementing this task in class, we get a lot of information about our students' reading habits and likes. Moreover, it's an attempt to make reading and books more appealing and interesting by means of designing a cover. It also promotes critical thinking, ICT skills, creativity and autonomy.

Check here to see how our students work on this.

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